LuAnn's Pies

Made with the season's freshest ingredients, these wonderful fruity and nut fillings are encased in a flaky homemade crust.

Our small pies are a 6 inch and serve 2-3 people. Our large pies are a 10 inch deep dish and serve 6-8 people.



Pecan Pie

A delectable pie packed with pecans and a rich delicious caramely filling.


Apple Pie

Filled with locally grown apples and a perfect blend of cinnamon sugar, covered with our delicious flaky crust.


Triple Berry Crumb Pie

A perfect combination of blueberries, raspberries and blackberries topped with a buttery crumb.


Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

A delicious pairing of sweet strawberries with our farm grown tart rhubarb.


Peach Pie

Sweet juicy peaches sliced and layered between two flaky crusts.


Heritage Swiss Raspberry Pie

A recipe drawn from our Swiss heritage. A sweet custard pie mixed with juicy raspberries.


Heritage Swiss Blueberry Pie

Sweet custard combined with flavorful blueberries. Another recipe from our Swiss heritage.

Don't see the kind of pie you're looking for?  Contact us - we have many more flavor options in addition to what is displayed here!